As a freshly educated optometrist Poul Stig quickly realized that eyewear in the 1970’s was either very practical, looked alike or rather over designed making them appear out of fashion really fast. This is to some extent still the case - just with much more brands to choose from.

Poul Stig is iconic in the eyewear industry and so is his designs. Eyewear that doesn’t just compliment the face but amplifies the personality with a modern, unique and progressive design. 

Poul Stig Design is eye-catching but we are not in the business of changing people.

Our design is made from a wish to challenge the conventional and the hyped. We are not in it for the quick fix or for the whims of fashion. We want to deliver style and passion in a look that lasts.

Based in Copenhagen we have designed eyewear since 1970. Eyewear with shapes and longevity that have always set the standard for eye-catching and spectacular Danish design since 1970.

The balance between functionality and design has always been instrumental for Poul Stig Design in developing both local and International design successes with novelty elements in choice of material, interchangeable parts, visible screws, telescopic temples etc. All condensed in progressive and creative eyewear with classic references.

Poul Stig Design is part of the Brand Stig&Son symbolising the succession to Poul’s son Morten Stig. 

With Stig&Son as master brand we now have the possibility of expanding in different directions design and product wise.

Today Poul Stig Design designs for Poul Stig Design and is not in any way affiliated with Poul Stig Briller (formerly owned stores) and none of our designs from the current collection are available in these stores (even if they should claim it!)