Our current collection reflects how we feel spectacular eyewear should look today – and the day after as well

We use only the best materials. Not just to accommodate the skin and the wearability but also to ensure durability and feel. Cellulose Acetate is an organic material of which we use only the best quality. Eyewear in nickel free stainless steel as well as other materials will soon be part of the collection as well.

Our collection consists of handmade frames only. There are so many elements in a quality production that we see no alternative to making it by hand. This can be recognized in the carefully made details and even more importantly felt when wearing them

Choosing and combining colors is a trademark for Poul Stig Design. With thousands of acetate colors to chose from picking the best is almost an art form. The ability to combine the right style and the right color is an essential part of our design skills in creating spectacular eyewear.